Energy concepts

Process integration and energy recovery systems offers particularly interesting potential for energy saving. We offer you consulting expertise and services of technical assistance to integrate it in your processes. It also includes the study of research concepts and technologies. Building on our knowledge acquired from many years experience in the planning, design and operation of the heat pump absorption, we have acquired here extensive experience.


In the contect of international research projects, we took part in several studies substantial proportions, such as for solar desalination as well as special topics of cooling systems, such as new refrigerants. The coupling of electricity, cooling, heating and desalination as well as the integration of solar energy is the focal point of our work.

Thermal Desalination is basically a very simple method but requires a lot of experience, however, in its technical implementation. We are able to simulate beforhand all types of projects and advise you on choosing the right solution and unity around the evaporator. The construction of the evaporator itself is not part of our activities.


In addition to the usual standard programs such as spreadsheets we use for our studies also software for process simulation.
We have licenses for:

For fluid property data of water ( IF97 ) , humid air ( ASHRAE ) and water lithium bromide we are using the software modules developed externaly, for further inforamtion please follow the external link to  Hochschule Zittau Görlitz

We have developed routines (mostly DLL) for some exotic agents.

COCO and DWSIM for process simulation further informations under:

BRICSCAD  a CAD software for designing and planning in 2D and 3D 


Our working and publishing languages are German, Englisch and French. 


Technical translations

As we are working we can alsoprovide technical translation for documents such requests for quotation etc. between any of our working languages  German, Englisch and French. 



Absorption Refriigeration Units Chillers

Absorption Heat Pumps

JS Energie & Beratung GmbH

is providing consultancy and technical assistance for projects related to energy efficiency , especially is the fields of thermal process integration, heating, cooling and cogeneration. 

Our experience form the design, construction and operation absorption heat pumps and chillers provides a solid basis for this.


More than 30 years of Experience in thermal plant design

1985 The Beginnings

Starting with studies in Physics at Technische Universität München,  Jürgen Scharfe has been active in the field of Absoprtion technology. During the period of Ph.D. at the institute of Professor Dr. G. Alefeld a collaboration with ENTROPIE S.A. , at that time a private owned company based in Saint-Germain-en-Laye was established.

1989 First joint projects with ENTROPIE S.A.

The first joint studies finally resulted in the design an construction of the world's most energy efficient sea water desalination plant using a 14 stage evaporator and a 2 stage absorption heat pump in Almeria / Spain. After this succes ENTROPIE received a couple of orders for innovative absorption units in Germany.

1995 foundation of ENTROPIE GmbH

A 100% daughter company was created to cover the market in Germany, J. Scharfe became managing director.

2008 Separation of the actiivities form ENTROPIE S.A. now part of Veolia Group 

By 2008 Jürgen Scharfe bought the shares of ENTROPIE GmbH including the entire know-how of Absorption Technology. Entropie GmbH was renamed INVEN Absorption GmbH.

2013 Research for Partners

With increasing size of projects the company faced the need to increase its financial background. Especially the size of the projects in the petrochemical sector reached a size which was no more manageable with current size of the company. 

2014 Sale of the Absorption acitvity to CNIM S.A. Paris

Finally this challenge was resolved by selling the entire activity of design an manufaturing of absorption equipment to CNIM S.A. Pairs. CNIM has very solid financial background and can execute these projects form the design , procurement , fabrication and aafter sales with in-house cpacaitites. 

2014 Renaming the Company to JS Energie & Beratung 

INVEN Absorption GmbH will continue to exist as an independant, 100% family owned company but will no more design and sell absorption units and therefore changed the company to JS Energie & Beratung.

 This activity is focused on the development of industrial absorption projects in industry on a worldwide scale providing unbiased consultancy to end client and design engineers. It includes all stages from feasibility studies through establishment of RFQ documents to validation of tenders in the name of the end user.

Other activities

 Besides this commercial activity, Jürgen Scharfe is an active member of ASHRAE and is chair of Ashrae Handbook Section 18 Absorption Equipment.


Sea Water Desalination

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