Energy concepts

Process integration and energy recovery systems offers particularly interesting potential for energy saving. We offer you consulting expertise and services of technical assistance to integrate it in your processes. It also includes the study of research concepts and technologies. Building on our knowledge acquired from many years experience in the planning, design and operation of the heat pump absorption, we have acquired here extensive experience.


In the contect of international research projects, we took part in several studies substantial proportions, such as for solar desalination as well as special topics of cooling systems, such as new refrigerants. The coupling of electricity, cooling, heating and desalination as well as the integration of solar energy is the focal point of our work.

Thermal Desalination is basically a very simple method but requires a lot of experience, however, in its technical implementation. We are able to simulate beforhand all types of projects and advise you on choosing the right solution and unity around the evaporator. The construction of the evaporator itself is not part of our activities.


In addition to the usual standard programs such as spreadsheets we use for our studies also software for process simulation.
We have licenses for:

For fluid property data of water ( IF97 ) , humid air ( ASHRAE ) and water lithium bromide we are using the software modules developed externaly, for further inforamtion please follow the external link to  Hochschule Zittau Görlitz

We have developed routines (mostly DLL) for some exotic agents.

COCO and DWSIM for process simulation further informations under:

BRICSCAD  a CAD software for designing and planning in 2D and 3D 


Our working and publishing languages are German, Englisch and French. 


Technical translations

As we are working we can alsoprovide technical translation for documents such requests for quotation etc. between any of our working languages  German, Englisch and French.